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Fri Jul 28 12:32:29 UTC 2006

Uros Djokic


   At the moment I am temporary maintaining of Asterisk Server running on Fedora.

   I want only to translate some of your documents like Fedora Weekly News to Serbian.
   I finished high school for junior-programmers and all Linux Courses on Electro-Techinc-Faculty in Belgrade.
   I have basic knowledge about Asterisk PBX, Apache Web Server, Squid,Proftpd,Postfix Mail Server,Samba,NTFs,MySQL and PostgreSQL  but for now I plan only to translate your documents.Maybe in future when I gain some more experience I will try to write some documents.

   [uros at 212-200-207-152 .ssh]$ gpg --fingerprint uros_djokic at yahoo.com pub   1024D/840304C5 2006-07-28 [expires: 2007-07-28]
Key fingerprint = 3CF6 1F75 124D AE82 A9AF  A67F 59E7 1312 8403 04C5
uid                  Uros Djokic (Prevodilac) <uros_djokic at yahoo.com>
sub   2048g/76D06DA1 2006-07-28 [expires: 2007-07-28]
Sincerely yours,

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