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Fri Jul 28 19:51:21 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-07-28 at 09:33 -1000, Edward Haddock wrote:
> Aloha everyone,
> 	I am not sure what the proper procedures are but I need to discontinue,
> for the present, working with the Fedora Documentation Project. Rather
> than not saying anything at all, I want you all to know that due to
> personal reasons I have very little time to dedicate to the project and
> don't want to just lurk in the background. It is my hope that things
> will improve for me here and I can start contributing again. I am
> uncertain if I need to leave the email list or not. I will leave that up
> to the owners to decide. If left on the list I will continue to try and
> read posts and if I can offer my opinion and such but again, that is up
> to the owners. Thank you all for a very rewarding experience. I had
> hoped I could have contributed more. 

Aloha Edward:

Welcome to free software; you are not alone in having this kind of thing
happen with your personal life.  It is *much* appreciated that you give
a heads up that you are disappearing; such courtesy is unfortunately
less common.

Your choice to remain subscribed, active, and such forth is entirely up
to you.  I recommend personally to keep your accounts active, since you
never know what life brings and such.

Thanks again, looking forward to seeing you around again,

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