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Self-Introduction: Robert F. Chapman

Robert F. Chapman
California, USA
Senior Manufacturing Test Engineer - Test Systems Development
Maxim Integrated Products

         Help make a difference in the Linux Community.
         Give something back for all that has been gained from the many
contributors of Linux/Redhat Distro.
         Too many times when reading documentation for the Fedora
Project, I have come across grammatical/spelling errors.  For the most
part, I think all that have contributed have done a great job. I have
often wanted to send little snippets for correction, but don't know who
to send it to..
         I would like to learn more about the process of distributed
documentation creation/maintenance, where more than one person is
working on a document.  Also I would like to learn more about "Docbook"
and the methods used to create CSS enriched content documents.

Historical Qualifications:

         Most of my qualifications for this group would be in the
technical writing that I have done for the company that I work for.  I
manage an IT group for our engineering department.  I have written many
technical and training documents for *nix and other Integrated Systems.
         My Computer Skills are vast, and range from hardware to
software and Networking, Systems Integration, embedded controllers,
Micro controllers etc..  I have been working with computers since the
mid '70s and have watched computer/software technology blossom into what
it is today.  
         Other skills and hobbies include: Photography, Teaching,
programming (Assembly, C, PASCAL, PHP, HTML, PERL, JAVA etc..), in
general a technical nut! (techie)

GPG KEYID/Fingerprint:

pub   1024D/272C88E2 2006-03-06
      Key fingerprint = DF22 4493 79BD B488 A2C6  7CA1 9535 4A71 272C
uid                  Robert Chapman (My Laptop Key)
<robert_chapman maximhq com>
sub   1024g/8EA9ECCA 2006-03-06

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