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Mon Nov 13 20:18:13 UTC 2006

This might be a useful mode of thinking about the Wiki/Plone+DocBook+SCM
[1] duality that does not put any burden on contributors who don't want
to learn the latter toolchain.  What if Plone was set up so that:

1) The Wiki side was published automatically from a DocBook -> wiki
conversion mechanism, provided no blocking tag is in the way.

2) If someone edits the Wiki, it automatically gets an aforementioned
blocking tag that says, "Manual change here!"

3) The commit to the wiki is automatically entered into the Fedora
Bugzilla as a bug, which goes to the owner of the doc in question via
the normal route.  The bug entry could be as simple as the commit
message itself.

4) Once the writer addresses the bug, the editor approves it and clears
the blocking tag from the wiki page.  This might be susceptible to
automation too.

5) Next automatic publication sees the user's fix in the wiki as well as
every other place.

This workflow idea encourages not only "unskilled" contributions from
the whole community but ensures that we keep the wiki and CVS+DB in sync
as much as possible.  Bugs always make it clear what needs to be done.

I found that as I watched the release notes over the entire Rawhide ->
test1 -> test2 -> test3 -> final cycle for FC6, I was able to keep up
much better with editing changes by watching my email for wiki commits.
As I addressed a page, I could clear out every email concerning that
page up to the date I last visited it for an editorial pass.  Sending
wiki commits to bugs in this fashion would make (I think) a very
efficient way of syncing our material, keeping SCM + DocBook as the
canonical source while locking no one out of the contribution process.

Maybe this is not something novel, and I'm just late to the party as
usual.  Thoughts?

= = =
[1] SCM = Source Code Management, whether we move to git, hg, or
something else other than CVS in the future

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