FDSCo Meeting 2007-04-15 Summary

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Sun Apr 15 18:09:58 UTC 2007

= FDSCo meeting for 15-Apr-2007 =

== Agenda and Summary ==

Agenda and notes/summary here, IRC log below.

1. Finalize name and structure of Fedora 7 edition of Desktop User

* New title: Fedora User Guide
* New structure (using includes)
* GNOME and KDE on equal footing because each has its own spin
  - Using the one section, two WMs covered plan: 
* Encourage KDE SIG to join in
* Make F7 Deadline

=== FUG Tasks ===

* John -- write up a checklist derived from critiques of the DUG that
specifies what each section needs to cover and how
* FUG team -- stub out the new KDE content so KDE SIG and others can
easily contribute
* FUG team -- define 3 to 5 tasks per section, describe how to do them;
in the case of e.g. OOo and Firefox, point to specific, deep-linked
outside documents that have how-to information

  * Status of delivery test4 release notes 
  - Need to deliver release-notes package this week for test4 spin
  - Paul can update on this via mailing list

  * GSoC thinking 
  - Karsten to send an update to the list about accepted projects

* Admin Guide discussion 
  - Robert (Pereira) is going to focus on this guide for F7; more
discussions on list

* L10N other
  - Did not get to this item today
  - On list discussions with Dimitris to follow

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