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On Sun, 2007-04-15 at 21:08 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Hey guys, our new account system will have an "invite a member"
> feature 
> where current members can send an invitation to people they think may
> be 
> interested in contributing.  It already works!  Here's what it says.
> Please come join the fedora project!  Someone thinks your skills and
> abilities may be able to help our project.  If your interested please
> go to
> But that stinks...  Really bad.  So I was wondering if someone else
> could come up with an interesting, inviting, better than that message
> to put in the email.  Any takers?  

One thing I noticed is that the "Join" page on the wiki is a much better
landing place than the "HelpWanted" page, which is musty and not very
inviting to someone who might receive a letter like this.  Is the "Join"
content ready to move over to that target?

Anyway, how about this:

= = = = = = >8

<NAME_OF_INVITER> <email at> has invited you to join the Fedora
Project!  We are a community of users and developers who produce a
complete operating system from entirely free and open source software
(FOSS).  <NAME_OF_INVITER> thinks that you have knowledge and skills
that make you a great fit for the Fedora community, and that you might
be interested in contributing.

How could you team up with the Fedora community to use and develop your
skills?  Check out for some ideas.
Our community is more than just software developers -- we also have a
place for you whether you're an artist, a web site builder, a writer, or
a people person.  You'll grow and learn as you work on a team with other
very smart and talented people.

Fedora and FOSS are changing the world -- come be a part of it!

= = = = = = >8
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