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Jonathan Roberts at
Tue Apr 17 11:46:19 UTC 2007

> I can see pros and cons.  If you want to pursue this, propose some ideas
> on fedora-docs-list and we'll discuss.

Was wondering if it might be a good idea to add links pointing to free
media sites on the default Fedora home page?

My reasoning is that most people use their computer purely as a device
for office, web browsing or viewing media. The first two of these we
have well covered out of the box but most people coming from windows
will be disappointed if they can't buy/download mp3s from emp3finder,
itunes etc so why not make it really easy for them to find *free*
content online from magnatune, jamendo etc.

Would be a good opportunity to help increase their awareness of
licensing issues as well and what less restrictive licenses can
achieve, not just in software.


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