Self-Introduction: Richard Bukovansky

Bukovansky Richard richard.bukovansky at
Mon Aug 27 20:55:04 UTC 2007

Hello everyone,
as requested on Docs page, little bit of self-introduction...

Name: Richard Bukovansky
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Status: Release Engineer
Company: Monster Technologies Prague
Goals: Provide Czech translation of Fedora Docs as it's in very bad
shape and also translate other texts (Wiki, FWN etc.)
Qualifications: I have translated a few applications for Israel based
company SBSH (, which is developing Windows Mobile and
Symbian applications, and few other free (as free beer) Symbian
Computer history: More then 10 years Windows (client and server)
sysadmin and developer in ASP/VBScript/SQL and in .NET/C# (5 years).
I'm also Red Hat Linux 6 & 7 and Fedora Core 6 user, currently almost
happily running Fedora 7 on my laptop.
GPG stuff:
pub   1024D/5CFF60FB 2007-08-15 [expires: 2008-08-14]
      Key fingerprint = CB96 D12E B368 BE85 C637  4211 FD0A 7896 5CFF 60FB
uid   Richard Bukovansky (Richard Bukovansky Fedora Account System)
<richard.bukovansky at>
sub   1024g/7628E6C2 2007-08-15 [expires: 2008-08-14]

Thank you for your patience.
Bukovansky Richard
richard.bukovansky at

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