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Re: Admin Guide - managing disks

Vladimir Kosovac wrote:
Paul W. Frields wrote:
On Wed, 2007-11-28 at 06:48 +1300, Vladimir Kosovac wrote:
Hi people.

Admin guide lists two sections related to disk management:

1] Working with disks and removable storage:

2] Managing storage:

I reckon:

 * split ''1]'' and move ''working with disks'' to ''2]''
 * exclude ''removable storage'' - better suited for inclusion in DUG
 * revise the structure of ''2]'' to include:
  i. "classical" partitioning /w tools (fdisk, parted, mkfs)
  ii. mounting, fstab
  iii. software RAID
  iv. LVM
  v. disk quotas

Does this sound like a (cunning) plan?
We should encourage use of LVM.  This is now anaconda installation
default, but moreover it's a better choice by far when you're
administering a system for service provision.

Yes, that's the idea - my plan is to write pretty comprehensive LVM
subsection (iv). I also want to include all this other stuff (not so
extensively), mostly as a background info and an aid to better
understanding of the LVM concept. I've found this more than useful when
introducing people to LVM.


Pardon me for intruding, here, but I hop this does not mean that you will be ignoring the "classical" partitioning methods. LVM may be the default but for many situations (non-server and laptops, notably) LVM may not be the optimal solution.

Thanks for all the hard work being put in on this.


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