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Bart Couvreur couf at skynet.be
Mon Dec 3 18:39:07 UTC 2007

Op zondag 02-12-2007 om 15:15 uur [tijdzone -0800], schreef Karsten
> Can we approve this ASAP?  I like what was suggested last week for
> dates.
> Nominations
>   Open		05 December
>   Close		12 December
> Voting
>   Open		14 December
>   Close		24 December
Looks good, time enough for everyone

> We have three seats open for (re)election, currently held by:
>         John Babich (jmbabich)
>         Pawel Sadowski (mcgiwer)
>         Bart Couvreur (couf)
> These four seats are held until the next election:
>         Paul W. Frields (pfrields)
>         Karsten Wade (kwade)
>         Dimitris Glezos (glezos)
>         Robert 'Bob' Jensen (bjensen)
> I just updated this:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Policy/FDSCoElections
> Voting system details may have changed, but the policy is otherwise
> up-to-date.
> One delta -- in that policy I put "last two weeks of November and May"
> and no language about slipping as a regular event.  I mentioned one
> historical slip for # of nominees, to fill the ticket for the
> all-seven-seats that only happened one time.
> After this election, the new FDSCo has to hold discussions with all
> contributors and decide how we are cycling seats and how often we are
> holding elections for the future.  This was a direction left by the
> current FDSCo after the previous round of elections:  "After the next
> election, review election policy and how often elections should be
> held."
> Source URLs:
> Last election results announced:  http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-docs-list/2007-February/msg00164.html
> Nominees page:  http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/SteeringCommittee/Nominations
> Voting software:  https://admin.fedoraproject.org/voting/
> - Karsten

One thing, I'm wondering about: do we really need 7 people aboard FDSCo?
Looking at the attendees to meetings the last couple of months, we've
done about almost everything with 4-5 max.

Anyway, looking forward to the elections, bring em on!


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