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Dan O'Brien wrote:
> Vladimir Kosovac wrote:
>> Paul W. Frields wrote:
>>> On Sat, 2007-12-08 at 14:54 +0900, Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:
>>>>> Does installing from a DVD automatically enable the DVD as a repo?  I
>>>>> honestly don't know, since I haven't used a DVD to install in a very
>>>>> long time.  The act of updating a system is one area I would say
>>>>> deserves attention in the DUG and the AG.  That area of overlap, to me,
>>>>> would be understandable.
>>>> I would assume it does since on the fedoraforum there was a severe
>>>> amount of complaints about having to put a cd/dvd.  
>>> Before documenting it, whoever is writing that section should definitely
>>> confirm the behavior first.
>> I've tried two different installs - DVD and http, in both cases install
>> source ends up on the list of pre-selected repositories. If DVD install
>> is used and DVD not inserted post-install, pup and pirut fail until
>> ''install media"" repo is de-selected.
>> Vladimir
> This didn't used to be the behavior of a fedora install, but (afaik) it
> has been like this since F7.
> For things like this maybe it would be worth having a common problems
> section in the DUG?
> Most of us here have installed Linux, weather it be Fedora or another
> Linux distribution, more
> times than we can count. But the DUG is geared towards people that may
> have never installed it,
> and may not know how to disable a repo. In any event we really should
> have a section to help people
> solve these issues.
>>>> The purpose of it is a feature since you can now upgrade the fedora version 
>>>> using yum and a dvd which is a huge plus.  The problem arises is that the 
>>>> cd/dvd repo itself is usually enabled by default after this. 
>>>> An update fails because it can't find the cd/dvd repo since your cd/dvd 
>>>> is not in the drive so it can't find it so the update fails.  
>>>> That is possibly a bug however I'm not sure of the status of that bug or 
>>>> even if it is considered a bug.
>>>> The simplest method to fix it is disabling the repo and then voila 
>>>> yum-updatesd works by default updating the software.
>>>> I hope thats clear because I personally have never experienced it 
>>>> since I've always just used yum upgrade and edited the config files manually.
>>> It is clear, but editing the configuration files manually is not the
>>> appropriate solution for the DUG.  Instead, the documentation should
>>> indicate how the desktop user can use the Edit Repositories option in
>>> pup and pirut.  Again, focus on ease of use and GUI desktop usage
>>> wherever possible.
> Using the situation above (the one Vladimir mentioned about needing the
> install media) as an example,
> pup and pirut won't start until you insert the install media, so you
> can't use them to disable a repo. While I
> do agree that the primary focus should be on using GUI tools to solve
> problems, sometimes it is necessary
> to use the CLI.
This one is actually 'fixable' through GUI:

Open Applications-->Add/Remove Software

If the repo is not available, pirut will fail but will also present the
dialogue box [1]. Click the ''Repository Manager'' button. This opens
''Repository Manager'' [2], where the repository can be enabled/disabled.

I am not sure who will write this stuff and where is it supposed to be.
Example [1] and [2] screenshots are here:


/!\ Note, [1] and [2] are not to be used for DUG - they don't look like


>>>>>> You need to set up file-sharing which I would call desktop capability a
>>>>>> server set up would be an administration part.  I'm not trying to be
>>>>>> pedantic but maybe my definition of desktop to administrator is
>>>>>> different.
>>>>> Setting up file sharing in the DUG is using System -> Preferences ->
>>>>> Network -> Personal File Sharing.  Anything beyond that is AG material.
>>>> Has anyone got that to work?  I've never actually got it to function
>>>> properly.
>>> It works if the firewall is disabled.  This is not ideal, and I would
>>> call this a bug unless both of us are doing something very wrong.  I
>>> thought one of the points of ConsoleKit was to be able to punch a hole
>>> in the firewall for personal files sharing.  In the meantime, I would
>>> simply document the behavior indicating that the user should consult the
>>> AG for firewall configuration info.
> Maybe an introduction to using system-config-firewall isn't such a
> stretch for the DUG. We
> don't necessarily need to go into detail, but at least giving a quick
> overview on how to do it
> would be sufficient for most desktop users.
>>>> I've got a lot of questions like this which is the essence of the
>>>> original email.  Can we put together a list of what topics should be
>>>> covered and to what limits each category should move to. Then we have a
>>>> target to move towards?
>>> Unfortunately I don't have the cycles to do it, but you are welcome and
>>> encouraged to start such a list, and float it to the mailing list for
>>> discussion.  I think that's a very thoughtful process, and I'm sure
>>> others will pitch in their ideas.

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