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On Sat, 2007-12-08 at 11:54 -0500, Dan O'Brien wrote:
> Vladimir Kosovac wrote:
> > Paul W. Frields wrote:
> >> Before documenting it, whoever is writing that section should definitely
> >> confirm the behavior first.
> >>     
> > I've tried two different installs - DVD and http, in both cases install
> > source ends up on the list of pre-selected repositories. If DVD install
> > is used and DVD not inserted post-install, pup and pirut fail until
> > ''install media"" repo is de-selected.
> >   
> This didn't used to be the behavior of a fedora install, but (afaik) it
> has been like this since F7.

I do almost entirely HTTP installs and I've never seen this behavior
yet.  Something's rotten in the state of Denmark, methinks...

> For things like this maybe it would be worth having a common problems
> section in the DUG?
> Most of us here have installed Linux, weather it be Fedora or another
> Linux distribution, more
> times than we can count. But the DUG is geared towards people that may
> have never installed it,
> and may not know how to disable a repo. In any event we really should
> have a section to help people
> solve these issues.

I'm not sure stretching the mission of the DUG is the right thing to do.
If there's a known problem in the distro, it should be documented there.
But opening the gates to Yet Another Bug List is probably overkill.
There is already a place on the wiki to which we can direct users, which
makes more sense since bug behavior gets updated there more quickly.

> >> It is clear, but editing the configuration files manually is not the
> >> appropriate solution for the DUG.  Instead, the documentation should
> >> indicate how the desktop user can use the Edit Repositories option in
> >> pup and pirut.  Again, focus on ease of use and GUI desktop usage
> >> wherever possible.
> >>     
> Using the situation above (the one Vladimir mentioned about needing the
> install media) as an example,
> pup and pirut won't start until you insert the install media, so you
> can't use them to disable a repo. While I
> do agree that the primary focus should be on using GUI tools to solve
> problems, sometimes it is necessary
> to use the CLI.

Understood, if you have to, then you have to.  But as I said, I haven't
had this problem using HTTP installs here, so the behavior needs to be
nailed down.  It might make sense for the writer of that area to contact
the anaconda folks to confirm any problems for writing up canonical docs
on it.

> >>>>> You need to set up file-sharing which I would call desktop capability a
> >>>>> server set up would be an administration part.  I'm not trying to be
> >>>>> pedantic but maybe my definition of desktop to administrator is
> >>>>> different.
> >>>>>           
> >>>> Setting up file sharing in the DUG is using System -> Preferences ->
> >>>> Network -> Personal File Sharing.  Anything beyond that is AG material.
> >>>>
> >>>>         
> >>> Has anyone got that to work?  I've never actually got it to function
> >>> properly.
> >>>       
> >> It works if the firewall is disabled.  This is not ideal, and I would
> >> call this a bug unless both of us are doing something very wrong.  I
> >> thought one of the points of ConsoleKit was to be able to punch a hole
> >> in the firewall for personal files sharing.  In the meantime, I would
> >> simply document the behavior indicating that the user should consult the
> >> AG for firewall configuration info.
> >>
> >>     
> Maybe an introduction to using system-config-firewall isn't such a
> stretch for the DUG. We
> don't necessarily need to go into detail, but at least giving a quick
> overview on how to do it
> would be sufficient for most desktop users.

It doesn't help in this situation, because the port potentially changes
with each use.  That's why *Kit is supposed to be doing the work.
Telling the users to keep punching firewall holes every time they log in
just looks... bleccch.

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