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Dear fedora docs project:
    I'm very interested in linux and fedora,because they 
are open source and it means "free",so that I wish I could contribute to the open source project.I wrote this 
e-mail to introduce myself.
   My full legal name is Li Xiao.I live in ChangSha, a city  in  China.At the  moment  I'm studying at  Harbin Institute of Tecnology,a university in Harbin, China.So I'm a student, actually, a under graduate.
My major is computer science.My goals in the project is just to translate documents in Chinese because I'm not familliar with writing documentations.

[lixiao at lixiao ~]$ gpg --fingerprint B2A26426
pub  1024D/B2A26426 2007-02-01
密钥指纹 = 4505 D89A F027 39EF C0BE 2924 6686 E9BD B2A2 6426 
uid       lixiao (lixiao) <anshishagua at 126.com>
sub      2048g/F22EEBB6 2007-02-01



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