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Sun Feb 4 10:12:57 UTC 2007

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John Babich schreef:
> FDP Team Members (especially those at Boston FUDCon):
Hi John

> Some quick feedback on the Desktop User Guide:
> 1. I really like the added anchors in the DUG and the linking from
>    the Sections list to the anchors.

Pauls idea, I think it's a great way of improving the usability of the
> 2. Would it be a further improvement to combine the TOC with
>    this section guide and refer to it all as the Table of Contents?

I'd rather say leave it as it is, there are a lot of guides which work
with this system, it provides an overview for those who just want to see
the chapters. We could maybe and the page links to the section guide
aswell, but I'd keep the TOC
> 3. On this page regarding "Communications",
>    I originally explained (in an admonition) that all IM accounts, with the
>    exception of Jabber, had to be created beforehand according to each
>    protocol provider. See
>    If this has changed, let me know otherwise, but this is according to
>    Gaim's official FAQ.
> 4. Finally, is this just moving to a new location for the wiki, or is it
> being
>    prepared for conversion to DocBook XML?

I don't know if this will happen, but if we want to do it, maybe we can
try this afternoon? As such we could master DocBook :)
> 5. Remember that the /Docs/Drafts/ location is referenced by the existing
>    default home page.

Yes, as the guide still carries it's notification. I suppose an
announcement will be sent out today/tomorrow and before that we should
remove them both.
> I'm looking forward to joining you on IRC later today.
> Enjoy FUDCon,
> John Babich

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