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Timothy Murphy tim at
Tue Feb 6 15:20:10 UTC 2007

John Babich wrote:

>> As a matter of interest,
>> what application is being used in the chapter on Photos?
>> And can one run it later to add thumbnails,
>> if the pictures are downloaded from the camera as jpegs?
> Gthumb is normally available for thumbnailing. To be honest,
> this section was written by someone else, as I didn't have a
> digital camera available to me at the time. I would guess
> that it's either gphoto2 (more a CLI than a GUI app) or, more
> likely, f-spot. I personally like GQview, which is available in
> extras, for jpeg viewing.

I would suggest that the document should state clearly
what application is in use.
Connecting a camera in the way described
does not bring up gthumb or f-spot on my Fedora-6 + KDE machine.

>> In general, is it assumed that one is running
>> either Gnome or KDE in this document,
>> and if so which?
> GNOME is the default desktop manager in Fedora Core 6.
> The desktop manager can be selected at installation time to
> be GNOME or KDE or even xfce. Currently there's a very
> active group working to provide full KDE functionality for KDE.
> Historically, GNOME has been better supported, but this is
> definitely changing.

Again, I suggest that it should say that
it is assumed the user is running Gnome,
if that is indeed the assumption.

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