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On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 13:27 +0300, John Babich wrote:
> Concerning "Join the Fedora Community"
> Short version: I like it!
> Long version:
> The 6 categories (Content Developer, Designer, People Person,
> OS Developer, Translator, Web Developer) really capture the roles
> different people play in the Fedora Project.
> It would be interesting to describe ourselves in terms of these roles.
> I personally see myself as a Content Developer first, a Web Developer
> second, with some People Person thrown in for good measure.
> I also like the graphics. Maybe we can incorporate them into other pages.
> The Docs Project is a natural place for the Content Provider graphic.
> Kudos to Karsten and Mairin!

Brilliant!  I'd like to see our front page get simplified to look more
like the GNOME and Firefox pages.  It's currently crowded, and not
particularly visually appealing.  

This issue came up on the Marketing project list not too terribly long
ago, and no one appears to have any better ideas for how to change it.
Max himself asked that someone please just hack it up, if that's what it
took to get some action.  I think Mairin should feel empowered to take a
hacksaw to it, although I certainly don't want that to sound like a
tasking... more like an invitation.

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