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Mon Feb 12 04:27:17 UTC 2007

Dear FDP members:

Firstly, thanks for this great opportunity to be a part of this community. I
have been a Redhat linux user since 2002. I write this email now to quickly
introduce myself and provide some background information.

My full legal name is Gayathri Swaminathan. I originally hail from Chennai,
Tamil Nadu, India, but currently live in the US at Norman, Oklahoma. I hold
a MS in CS and have worked in the IT industry around six years ( as a
systems/network administrator, programmer )

At Norman, I work for the University of Oklahoma as a System Analyst at the
Information technology deparment, College of Continuing Education.
Professionally use Redhat ( as most of our services are deployed in this
platform), but personally use Fedora to stay abreast with the bleeding edge
features/ functions. This also gives me the opportunity to test feature
sets, before the mass deployment in production. My programming tasks include
coding in Perl, Python, Bash scripting and using Postgresql, Mysql.

My  goal is to share my gotchas while installing latest features/ packages
to the rest of the community and particularly help with the translation to
Tamil ( my mother tongue). Since Tamil Nadu state government went open
source recently, I feel there is a pressing need for documentation,
community support to improve the average user experience. I am also willing
to contribute in terms of systems adminstration and programming tasks.

While I wrote fairly a lot during my Masters, I would appreciate a secondary
review to my writing :)

Here is my GPG fingerprint:

[gayathri at athena ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 3EFB3D39
pub   1024D/3EFB3D39 2007-02-12 [expires: 2009-02-11]
      Key fingerprint = BB80 D6EF ED37 A2CF 1D4A  37FC 78FB D1D8 3EFB 3D39
uid                  Gayathri Swaminathan <gayathri.swa at>
sub   2048g/88944448 2007-02-12 [expires: 2009-02-11]

Best regards,
Gayathri Swaminathan
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