new times for FDSCo meetings

Karsten Wade kwade at
Mon Feb 12 20:44:04 UTC 2007

We're trying to find either i) a meeting time that works for all
(potential) FDSCo members, or ii) two alternate meeting times that work

One time we just negotiated that works for some people is:

Wed 0600 UTC +3
Wed 0300 UTC
Tue 2200 EST (UTC -5)
Tue 1900 PST (UTC -8)

For something that is friendlier with the UK'ers, but maybe not others:

Tue 1700 UTC +3
Tue 1400 UTC
Tue 0900 EST
Tue 0600 PST


Tue 1630 UTC +3
Tue 1330 UTC
Tue 0830 EST
Tue 0530 PST

Another crazy idea is the "three hour open meeting".  This is a window
of time that the log and agenda are open and flexible.  When there is a
quorum involved in a topic, it is discussed.  Log files are mined for
minutes.  This time might work for that:

Tue 2100 UTC +3  to     Tue 0000 UTC +3
Tue 1800 UTC     to     Tue 2100 UTC
Tue 1300 EST     to     Tue 1600 EST
Tue 1000 PST     to     Tue 1300 PST

That way, people who are working during those hours but who can touch
IRC, can drop in and out to interact.

For tomorrow's meeting, if we cannot decide by tomorrow mid-day UTC,
we'll have to (one time) use the time that catches the greatest number
of people right now, which is 0300 UTC.  

- Karsten
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