new times for FDSCo meetings

Dimitris Glezos dimitris at
Mon Feb 12 22:58:50 UTC 2007

O/H Karsten Wade έγραψε:
> We're trying to find either i) a meeting time that works for all
> (potential) FDSCo members, or ii) two alternate meeting times that work
> together.
> One time we just negotiated that works for some people is:
> Wed 0600 UTC +3
> Wed 0300 UTC
> Tue 2200 EST (UTC -5)
> Tue 1900 PST (UTC -8)

This will cause problems to all Europeans which are at UTC/+1/+2. Unfortunately,
the following alternatives are not very good for US people.

How about 17 or 18 UTC?


> Another crazy idea is the "three hour open meeting".  This is a window
> of time that the log and agenda are open and flexible.  When there is a
> quorum involved in a topic, it is discussed.  Log files are mined for
> minutes.  This time might work for that:
> Tue 2100 UTC +3  to     Tue 0000 UTC +3
> Tue 1800 UTC     to     Tue 2100 UTC
> Tue 1300 EST     to     Tue 1600 EST
> Tue 1000 PST     to     Tue 1300 PST
> That way, people who are working during those hours but who can touch
> IRC, can drop in and out to interact.
> For tomorrow's meeting, if we cannot decide by tomorrow mid-day UTC,
> we'll have to (one time) use the time that catches the greatest number
> of people right now, which is 0300 UTC.  
> - Karsten

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