another self-introduction

Andy Grimm Andy.Grimm at
Mon Feb 12 21:12:50 UTC 2007

I will follow in the trend of self-introductions:

My name is Andy Grimm.  I live in San Francisco and work for Ingres
Corporation in Redwood City.  I have been a RH/FC user since 1997, and
spent 5 years as a sysadmin at LexisNexis working primarily on
Solaris-to-Red Hat migrations and new RHEL deployments.  I also helped
to deploy about 100 Red Hat / Fedora desktops & laptops there.

Up until last year, my "programming" experience was mostly perl and C,
and nothing particularly fancy.  Now i spend more time with python and
java, though it's mostly fixing other people's code rather than creating
anything of my own from scratch.

I have a good bit of experience mucking with HTML and CSS (mostly from 5
to 10 years ago), and I even wrote some documentation in DocBook format
at my last job, and convinced some of my coworkers to do the same.

I am hoping to make some valuable contributions to the Fedora docs, and
I also hope to gain knowledge from this group that I can use to make the
Ingres documentation process better and more open.

I have started lurking on #fedora-docs occasionally, under the nick

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