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On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 15:20 -0500, Griff 5watt wrote:
> Hi all:
> My name is Aaron Bowman.

Hi Aaron, welcome, and thanks for making the trip from Connecticut to
the FUDCon; sounds like it was worth it?
> I am located in Connecticut, USA, and work as the technology manager
> for a small group of medical practices.  
> I have been using Linux at home for a number of years, and have
> decided that it was time that I find a way to give back to the
> community.  I originally started with downloaded floppies of Debian
> and Slackware, eventually settling on Red Hat 5.0.  Around RH7 I began
> trying out other distributions again, but returned to Red Hat each
> time.  In short, I have used every major release of Red Hat and Fedora
> since RH 5.0, and just recently moved up to FC6 (yeah, finally got
> wireless to work).
> I am not a power user, nor am I a programmer.  I have done very small
> projects in VB and C++ on Win32;  I have worked in PHP, HTML, and SQL
> in Linux.  I have played with Java, Mono (C#), JavaScript, SGML, XML,
> COBOL, Perl, and LaTeX.  Alas, I have only played, but would like to
> do more. 

Sounds great, we can definitely use more technologists with the desire
to hack.  There really is no limit to the coolness we can cook up.  I
see you haven't done Python, yet ... now is probably a good time.

Paul had a good link for an online book, and the URL or details escape
me ...

> Earlier this month I had the opportunity to go to FUDCon in Boston; I
> attended Paul's session on Doc Tools.  If I understood the discussion
> correctly, the goal is for all documentation to be stored in XML, with
> a static web interface, an editable wiki interface, and of course CVS
> access.  Currently the wiki is not stored in XML and it will need to
> be converted.  I would like to help with the conversion of the
> documentation in the wiki to XML.  
> I guess the best place to start for now is the following:

Right now our efforts on getting Wiki to XML is focused on Python code
written for the Moin Moin Wiki as part of last year's Google Summer of
Code.  A recent post on this subject requesting coding and package
maintenance was here:

What is best for you to do?  It depends on your interest ...

If you are interested in working on the toolchain, I suggest you first
get a good handle on what we are doing.  You can see everything
explicitly in the 'docs-common' and 'example-tutorial' modules:

(You can also pursue getting write access to the CVS, in parallel.)

If you are interested in generating content, there are specific guides
that need finishing or updating for Fedora 7.  In this case, you would
want to pick one or more amongst new end-user, administrator, or
power-user guides.

(sending now :)

- Karsten
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