Self introduction: Gayathri Swaminathan

Karsten Wade kwade at
Wed Feb 14 17:56:41 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 07:34 -0600, Gayathri Swaminathan wrote:
> Hello Paulo:
> I am interested to take part in the development assignments. I have
> been coding  in Python only last eight months ( not a long time, but
> hope it meets  your expectations ) . 

Excellent!  I think you'll enjoy this project.  It's a chance to
practice all your skills and interests.  There is one major project we
are looking for 1+ resources to help:

* Python code in the Wiki:

It would be best if we could support this as a team, vs. an individual
maintainer.  There are other cross-stream projects interested in this,
such as Ubuntu, so we want to think of this project in terms of the
entire FLOSS community.

If you are interested, let's discuss the details on this list.

thx - Karsten
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