Self introduction: Gayathri Swaminathan

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Fri Feb 16 05:13:23 UTC 2007

Gayathri Swaminathan wrote:
> Dear FDP members:
> Firstly, thanks for this great opportunity to be a part of this 
> community. I have been a Redhat linux user since 2002. I write this 
> email now to quickly introduce myself and provide some background 
> information.
> My full legal name is Gayathri Swaminathan. I originally hail from 
> Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, but currently live in the US at Norman, 
> Oklahoma. I hold a MS in CS and have worked in the IT industry around 
> six years ( as a systems/network administrator, programmer )
> At Norman, I work for the University of Oklahoma as a System Analyst at 
> the Information technology deparment, College of Continuing Education. 
> Professionally use Redhat ( as most of our services are deployed in this 
> platform), but personally use Fedora to stay abreast with the bleeding 
> edge features/ functions. This also gives me the opportunity to test 
> feature sets, before the mass deployment in production. My programming 
> tasks include coding in Perl, Python, Bash scripting and using 
> Postgresql, Mysql.
> My  goal is to share my gotchas while installing latest features/ 
> packages to the rest of the community and particularly help with the 
> translation to Tamil ( my mother tongue). Since Tamil Nadu state 
> government went open source recently, I feel there is a pressing need 
> for documentation, community support to improve the average user 
> experience. I am also willing to contribute in terms of systems 
> adminstration and programming tasks.
> While I wrote fairly a lot during my Masters, I would appreciate a 
> secondary review to my writing :)

Vanakkam. Would you be interested in L10N work? We have a full time 
translator Felix (CC'ed) in my office but I would be interested in 
having a stronger L10N community involved. If not that, documentations 
and more streamlined tools would also help.


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