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Sun Feb 18 15:41:25 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 16:12 -0500, Andy Grimm wrote:
> I will follow in the trend of self-introductions:
> My name is Andy Grimm.  I live in San Francisco and work for Ingres
> Corporation in Redwood City.  I have been a RH/FC user since 1997, and
> spent 5 years as a sysadmin at LexisNexis working primarily on
> Solaris-to-Red Hat migrations and new RHEL deployments.  I also helped
> to deploy about 100 Red Hat / Fedora desktops & laptops there.
> Up until last year, my "programming" experience was mostly perl and C,
> and nothing particularly fancy.  Now i spend more time with python and
> java, though it's mostly fixing other people's code rather than creating
> anything of my own from scratch.
> I have a good bit of experience mucking with HTML and CSS (mostly from 5
> to 10 years ago), and I even wrote some documentation in DocBook format
> at my last job, and convinced some of my coworkers to do the same.
> I am hoping to make some valuable contributions to the Fedora docs, and
> I also hope to gain knowledge from this group that I can use to make the
> Ingres documentation process better and more open.
> I have started lurking on #fedora-docs occasionally, under the nick
> "mull".

Andy, it was good meeting you at the FUDCon!  I had an idea for
something to which you would be well-suited to contribute -- the
Documentation Guide.  Karsten and I have been really trying to get this
thing in better shape for a new, spiffy release that really informs
users how to get involved with our CVS/DocBook XML repository.

I'm betting that you have some CVS experience (but if not, you don't
need to know much to help here).  We really need some fresh eyes on the
Documentation Guide, if for no other purpose than to show us where we're
missing chunks both big and small.  If you check out the current
Documentation Guide, you could read through it and start telling us
where it needs work.  A great way to do that is to file bugs in
Bugzilla, since that helps us track our work easily, and we can check
off items as we finish them by closing the bug reports.

Are you interested in helping in this way?  I will be around on IRC
today and tomorrow and could give you pointers if and when you need any,
as could many other contributors.

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