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/me sends another email that has been sitting around all week ...

On Tue, 2007-02-13 at 13:25 -0500, Jason Taylor wrote: 
> Well, you all have already read the subject no doubt so you know my
> name... :) I live near Detroit, MI, USA (EST). I have been using RH for
> some time now and since I am not a programmer figured helping write
> documentation would be a good way for me to help out. I don't have any
> prior experience so will probably need some direction as to how to get
> started..

You have stumbled into a good place to get involved.  The fact is, the
biggest growth in FLOSS projects *has* to start coming from non-coders.
In short, we have too many coders working on too many apps that will
never make sense or be used because the UI sucks, there is no good
documentation, it is untranslated, etc.

One thing I am very proud about in this project is the way we have been
both a gateway for people to get involved in more than just
documentation, but have also kept those people active in the project.

> I am open to writing/editing about any aspect of FC, although I have
> more experience with FC in the server configuration/usage scenario
> (professional experience as a network admin). I would be more than happy
> to edit current docs for technical accuracy/typos/grammatical type errors.
> That all being said, I look forward to helping and hopefully won't prove
> to be a burden as I learn the ropes...

In case you haven't found it, the page you need to work through is here;

OK, it is really a redirect to DocsProject/NewWriters, but I'm trying to
promote that (common) how-to-join URL structure. :)

If you'd like to look around further to find what you are interested in,
go ahead.  We're here and on #fedora-docs to answer questions,
brainstorm, etc.

One guide that was nearly completed for FC6 that we want for F7 sounds
like it is up your alley:

We can conceivably finish this for FC6 and get it published, then
immediately start work on the F7 version.


- Karsten
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