Move over fdsco meetings to #fedora-meeting?

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Thu Feb 22 19:05:33 UTC 2007

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Karsten Wade schreef:
> On Thu, 2007-02-22 at 02:50 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>> Cons?
> Below is my reply from IRC.  I also agree with Bob that the subject of
> when and where to have meetings is something the new FDSCo should
> decide.
> To follow on what I wrote below, I personally have no problem with more
> than one meeting at the same time, as long as it is on IRC.  I am much
> more concerned with losing the visibility and ease of participation by
> the Documentation Project, than I am about making it easier for people
> outside of the project to see/participate in the meetings.  If we did
> this, I would find myself wanting all of the people on #fedora-docs to
> also be on #fedora-meeting.  Having people able to read the IRC log is
> all fine, but that is a log not a conversation.  If we move our meetings
> to where the conversations are not happening, we lose that involvement.
> One of the ways we have gained leaders in this project has been through
> people who hang out on IRC together and then participate in our
> meetings.  I fear this would be diminished with us moving meetings to a
> different channel, and I don't see it giving that much advantage to
> people inside of the project.

I totally agree. Documentation is a process in which people who want to
get involved, can be by joing the IRC and seeing what's going on there.

FDSCo meetings are more like a gathering of people then the more
formalized meetings that happen on #fedora-meeting. Also we tend to flux
throughout the week which would give problems based on fixed time schedules.

In the end, I agree with both Karsten and Bob that the new FDSCo should
consider this and get to an agreement.


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