Use of asterisk "*" in distro name

John Babich jmbabich at
Mon Feb 26 05:30:03 UTC 2007

On 2/26/07, Dimitris Glezos <dimitris at> wrote:
>  From what I've heard at FOSDEM, 'Fedora 7' was the only term used for
> our next version. Things are most likely heading towards that direction
> for the name AFAIK.

Has anyone considered a possible naming conflict with the other Fedora?

"Fedora (or Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository
Architecture) (not to be confused with Fedora Core) is a modular
architecture built on the principle that interoperability and
extensibility is best achieved by the integration of data, interfaces,
and mechanisms (i.e., executable programs) as clearly defined modules.
Fedora is a digital asset management (DAM) architecture, upon which
many types of digital library systems might be built. Fedora is the
underlying architecture for a digital repository, and is not a
complete management, indexing, discovery, and delivery application."

Directly quoted from

The other Fedora's web site is at They're
currently Fedora 2.2.

See also
concerning the naming conflict  in 2003 - and the other Fedora's prior use.

This probably needs to be reviewed by legal counsel, as IANAL.

John Babich
Volunteer, Fedora Docs Project

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