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I should have started this thread on Wednesday but my home schedule has
been a bit topsy-turvy of late:

The Docs Project has been invited to participate in the next Fedora
Project Board meeting.  We should be prepared to talk about the
successes we've had over the past two releases and what remains to be
done.  The way I see it, here are some starter issues.  I'd appreciate
plenty of input, but please keep in mind that the issues should be
things the Board cares about (e.g. blockers in other subprojects that we
haven't been able to resolve after repeated attempts, resource needs
that might require Real Funds -- things we can't provide by ourselves).

1.  Best-in-the-world release notes, provided by the community.
2.  Growing contributor base, including work on additional entry-level
to intermediate-level guides.
3.  Progress toward integrating with the Fedora package universe.

Future Predictions:
1.  Possible click-thru on Wiki will allow easier contribution without
all the GPG+SSH+CLA+EditGroup rigamarole
2.  FUDCon presence will result in major updates to available docs,
making it easier for new people to learn processes

Outstanding Issues:
1.  Translation Project disconnect - what do we need here in concrete
terms?  App rewrites and process changes?  Red Hat internal group(s)
originally had ownership of this, yet we've seen no progress in the past
months... or year(s).
2.  Content from RH, licensed under our terms (OPL w/no options).

What else am I missing -- especially in the third area?

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