Introduction: David Douthitt

David Douthitt ssrat at
Sun Jan 7 03:01:37 UTC 2007


I am David Douthitt, a UNIX System Administrator living in Beloit, 
Wisconsin, USA - just south of Madison, the capital city.  I've 
experience with a variety of Linux and UNIX variants on a variety of 
platforms.  Most relevant to Fedora is my experiences with Red Hat Linux 
(since version 4), CentOS, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

I've also helped with other documentation needs, including documentation 
in the CFEngine project and also in Wikipedia (mostly a lot of 
proofreading).  I've also written and published a book recently (about 
advanced system administration), and am about to release another (a 
guide to GNU Screen).

I've also just signed up for the Fedora Infrastructure Project.  I'll 
contribute here as time permits, and am always willing to write 
something as desired.

I also have a basic knowledge of French (though not of technical French).

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