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Thomas Canniot thomas.canniot at
Sun Jan 7 09:03:35 UTC 2007

Le dimanche 07 janvier 2007 à 09:37 +0100, Bart Couvreur a écrit :

> Maybe also checkout the thread[1] on fedora-trans-list from a few
> weeks ago on this very subject

That I missed, thanks.

> >
> > >From my point of view, I don't think it could be that indispensable to
> > have the same webapp than Launchpad offers for translation, that is,
> > translation directly from the web browser. I personally don't trust any
> > web browser, their stability depending on the websites you are on.
> As far as I know Launchpad will never be an option, as it's closed
> source. Lately I've been wanting to look into Pootle[1], which offers
> some similar functionality and is written in Python.
> Maybe all this stuff on L10N should have it's own separate meeting
> with the Board, as it's such a big change/challenge to get this right.
> I can think of some people who would like to join that meeting then,
> and we should get people from Docs and Infrastructure in that meeting
> as well (just my 2 ct).

I can't wait to attend it :)

> Greetings,
> Bart
> [1]:
> [2]:

Thomas Canniot

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