Self-Introduction: Pedro Mondim (dubhe)

Pedro Mondim pmondim at
Mon Jan 8 23:10:55 UTC 2007

Hi everyone!

My name is Pedro Mondim, I'm portuguese (living in Porto) and I'm finishing
a licenciate's degree (something between a bachelor and a master) in
After some time using linux (started with Ubuntu, then Fedora Core) I
thougth I could give a small contribution to the portuguese translation
project. In spite of some initial confusion with the required steps to be
part of the project, I think I'm now in the correct path :)
This is the first time I participate in a project like this one but it
really seems to be a worthwhile thing to do.

The required GPG key and fingerprint:
pub   1024D/CD5870E9 2007-01-04
Key fingerprint = 5719 F367 CB8F 3BA0 6075  4A8C 1ED3 8D44 CD58 70E9
uid    Pedro Mondim (dubhe) < pmondim at>
sub   2048g/09ACAF10 2007-01-04

Finally, I'll use this self-presentation for a question: it's the first time
I'm using GPG keys and I'm not quite sure of what's needed to really use it;
what I wrote above (under "The required GPG key and fingerprint:") is enough
for signing an email or is it necessary to attach a "signature.asc" file, as
I've seen on some emails? (and how such file is created? just copy the key,
paste it and save file as .asc?)  Thanks for your help!

With my best regards,
Pedro Mondim
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