HOWTO for Live CD in the Fedora Project wiki

John Babich jmbabich at
Tue Jan 16 06:33:03 UTC 2007

On 1/16/07, Karsten Wade <kwade at> wrote:

> OK, it makes sense as project-specific documentation, especially if you
> find a way to tie it directly to the README.  That is, get the LiveCD
> project to accept the Wiki as the upstream they derive the README from.
> Regardless, you can link this document from either the Docs/Drafts/ or
> Docs/ page, depending on readiness.  How about this ... get one other
> person to read your work as an editor (wordsmith), then link it from
> Docs/.

Since Thomas Chung gave me the go-ahead, I took that as agreement that
my initial
plan to move it directly under the LiveCD wiki entry was the way to go.

Therefore, I moved it to that location. I viewed it as a "donation" to
the Live CD project, just like I did some summaries for the "Extras"
project. Of course, it is a living document, so I promised to "adopt"
it by keeping it in sync with any future READMEs.

It was essentially a wikification of a README , so I viewed it
differently from the Software Management Guide, for example.

I guess it comes down to the best way to maintain the doc. I just saw
it as a very valuable piece of information that should be published
quickly, which will be subject to a lot of rapid revisions - perfect
for a Wiki entry. Once the Live CD Tools are stable, then, I agree,
there should be a more formal procedure in place.

If you think we can do both at once - rapid updates and storing it as
DocBook - I'm OK with that, but I will need a bit of assistance until
I get the process down.

John Babich

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