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Paul Gampe pgampe at
Wed Jan 17 21:11:03 UTC 2007

Paul W. Frields wrote:

Hi Paul,

> Outstanding Issues:
> 1.  Translation Project disconnect - what do we need here in concrete
> terms?  

I had been approached a few times regarding this topic, but as yet do not
know exactly what is required.  Is this project scoped somewhere I can

> App rewrites and process changes?  Red Hat internal group(s) 
> originally had ownership of this, yet we've seen no progress in the past
> months... or year(s).

The Red Hat internal group you are referring to here was approached to hand
over the code to the translation web applications which was done some time
ago.  I am not sure what has happened since then, but depending on the
scope I may be able to help.

> 2.  Content from RH, licensed under our terms (OPL w/no options).

Was there a thread discussing the selection of this license?

Kind regards,

Paul Gampe - Red Hat, <pgampe at>

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