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On Wed, 2007-01-17 at 12:07 -0600, Eddie Elizondo wrote:
> My CLA has been accepted, and I have also created a wiki account under 
> EddieElizondo.  I always agree with consistency, so I have gone through 
> the style guide you linked here.  Also, I am willing/able to edit in the 
> official docs found on  It'll take some time to get 
> adjusted to the format that page and others are in, but I should be able 
> to edit docs for grammar as according to the guidelines quicker. 
> I've gone through several pages discussing this, but I'm hoping someone 
> here can give me a quick rundown as to how the docs process works, where 
> I come in, etc.  Also, will I need to setup CVS on my computer?

CVS is likely already installed.  Welcome, btw. :)

As for process, we have it very lightly here:


In the first workflow, editing is done as part of peer review and formal
requests made on list.  You can also Subscribe to a Wiki page, which
sends all the changes made to that page or pages to you via email.
Similar to how software projects work, you can watch the changes and
make suggestions and fixes during the writing process.  This speeds up
the final edit by quite a bit.

In the second workflow, you see that editing is required before
publishing.  There is also a publication edit.

For example, I have been stuck trying to finish a publication edit of
the Desktop User Guide.  This material is quite good, but we weren't
able to edit-while-writing, so it needs more than the usual final
polish.  If you are interested in starting somewhere, I'd _love_ to see
the styles made consistent and clarity brought to this:

Then we can move it to the /Docs path. :)

- Karsten
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