Nominations now open, Elections for FDSCo 2-Feb to 12-Feb

Karsten Wade kwade at
Sat Jan 27 04:01:15 UTC 2007

Your project leadership, the Fedora Documentation Steering Committee
(FDSCo), is now opening all seats for election in this first FDSCo
election during 2 to 12 Feb 2007.

The nominations page is:

You can read the full details at:

Why are we doing this?  Because it's the right thing to do, finally, and
it also happens to be required by the Fedora Project.  Projects such as
the Fedora Documentation Project are important community

Essential election details are:

* 7 seats for FDSCo is the right size
* All seats are open for this election
* Every six months we have a new election and refresh 1/2 of the seats
(4/3 split)
* For this first election only, three of the seats are up for reelection
in six months; otherwise, terms are one year long.
* The three seats up for reelection are the three that received the
fewest votes in the first election, just for this first election.
* FDSCo elects its own chair on an annual basis; the chair is the
project leader.

Speaking of leadership, it's way past time for me to send this email
out.  Let's fill up FDSCo and find someone to replace me, either this
time or next time.  I'm starting to get old and forgetful here!  Need
some new energy/blood to stir things up, while I continue on my
curmudgeonly ways.

cheers - Karsten
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