samba+ldap tutorial on fedora7

Deependra Singh Shekhawat jeevanullas at
Thu Jul 5 16:53:59 UTC 2007


As I mentioned few days ago here

I have managed to come up with a edited version of the samba+ldap
tutorial. That is working at the moment. 

I have re-written the doc according to the newer version of Fedora (that
is Fedora 7) and have to edit alot of things. Other missing areas in the
earlier tutorial are also filled in. Most importantly the parts on how
to configure a Windows client and using yum to install and update the
required software. Also this guide covers on howto get a master DNS
server up and running because DNS must be working for this thing to

So far I have managed to configure Windows 2000 Professional client (and
it's working great) as I don't have Windows XP machine at the moment but
will soon be doing that.

I want to have cvs access so that I can start uploading the source xml.
If someone like to see the edited version I have it at the moment in format at

Will soon be going to port it into Docbook and according to the
fedoraproject Docs Writing guidelines. 

Deependra Singh Shekhawat

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