Self Introduction: Matt Wilby

Matt Wilby mwilby at
Sun Jun 3 20:31:32 UTC 2007


I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and offer my
services to the Fedora community.

Having spent 4 years working in IT in the motorsport industry, generally
doing all sorts from Linux HPC Administration to SAN Administration to
Network Administration, I fancied a career change and now work as an EMC
SAN Administrator Symmetrix & Clariion) in the public sector here in the
UK, which is where I have been for over a year and a bit.

I've been a Linux enthusiast since 1998, first distro was RH5. Since
then I've used SuSE -> Debian -> Gentoo -> Fedora.

I've used Fedora on and off since FC4, but have now settled for FC6
(soon to be Fedora 7) as the OS of choice on my workhorse laptop. IMHO
Fedora is the most polished and mature distribution available. I only
use Windows when I really have to...  :-) 

The articles I would like to see written about or hopefully write about
if given the opportunity are :- 


- AoE

- SAN Boot (FC & iSCSI)


- Volume Management (PVM2, EVMS etc.)

- File Systems - Benefits of each, performance tweaks etc. (Reiser,
ext3, JFS, XFS etc.)

- Open Source Backup Software - What's out there? Comparison between
them etc.

- File replication software etc.

to name a few...

I have never worked directly with a distribution before, other than
contributing via forums. I am however one of a rare breed of people who
actually enjoys writing technical documentation & procedures. This is
something that I have done pretty much every day of my working life,
some people shy away from doing documentation, I'm the opposite. I find
it very rewarding when others learn from shared knowledge.

I'm not a programmer. I'm a Sys Admin. I cannot profess to know anything
other than bash shell scripting. I do however have good people skills
and a talent to pick up new things. I'm enthusiastic about Open Source
Software, and I feel that this and the other qualities I have mentioned
make me an ideal candidate. To conclude it would be exciting to be able
to contribute or give back to a (Linux) community that brings so much to
the table.



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