Self-Introduction: JT Gray

jt gray jtgray23 at
Tue Jun 5 07:21:32 UTC 2007

   JT Gray 
   Seattle, US 
   Web Dev / Admin 
   Your goals in the Fedora Project 
      I want to learn more about Fedora while I refine existing material
      I would like to broaden the appeal and deepen the penetration of Linux and open source software 

   Historical qualifications 
      I have a language(s)-oriented BA from The University of Texas at Austin
      I have worked as a web developer since college at an insurance company where command-line Linux is central to my existence and success
      I have a good sense of "cool" 
      I am on a mission to expand Linux usage throughout the world and my passion will serve as an inspiration to others

   GPG KEYID and fingerprint 
      jtghome:~ jtg$ gpg --fingerprint A86E4429
pub  1024D/A86E4429 2007-06-05 JT Gray (be cool, stay in school) <jtgray23 at>
     Key fingerprint = 9E0B ECA4 16A7 4B8C E703  52F0 509A AAD6 A86E 4429
sub  1024g/4D3E3E87 2007-06-05

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