Self Introduction: Matt Wilby

John Babich jmbabich at
Wed Jun 6 05:43:10 UTC 2007

On 6/3/07, Matt Wilby <mwilby at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and offer my
> services to the Fedora community.
Welcome to the Fedora Docs Project, Matt!

> Having spent 4 years working in IT in the motorsport industry, generally
> doing all sorts from Linux HPC Administration to SAN Administration to
> Network Administration, I fancied a career change and now work as an EMC
> SAN Administrator Symmetrix & Clariion) in the public sector here in the
> UK, which is where I have been for over a year and a bit.
> I've been a Linux enthusiast since 1998, first distro was RH5. Since
> then I've used SuSE -> Debian -> Gentoo -> Fedora.

Interesting migration path.

> I've used Fedora on and off since FC4, but have now settled for FC6
> (soon to be Fedora 7) as the OS of choice on my workhorse laptop. IMHO
> Fedora is the most polished and mature distribution available. I only
> use Windows when I really have to...  :-)

No argument there.

> The articles I would like to see written about or hopefully write about
> if given the opportunity are :-
> - iSCSI
> - AoE
> - SAN Boot (FC & iSCSI)
> - MPIO
> - Volume Management (PVM2, EVMS etc.)
> - File Systems - Benefits of each, performance tweaks etc. (Reiser,
> ext3, JFS, XFS etc.)
> - Open Source Backup Software - What's out there? Comparison between
> them etc.
> - File replication software etc.
> to name a few...

These look like good topics for updating the Administration Guide. See

> I have never worked directly with a distribution before, other than
> contributing via forums. I am however one of a rare breed of people who
> actually enjoys writing technical documentation & procedures. This is
> something that I have done pretty much every day of my working life,
> some people shy away from doing documentation, I'm the opposite. I find
> it very rewarding when others learn from shared knowledge.

We are a rare breed :-)

> I'm not a programmer. I'm a Sys Admin. I cannot profess to know anything
> other than bash shell scripting. I do however have good people skills
> and a talent to pick up new things. I'm enthusiastic about Open Source
> Software, and I feel that this and the other qualities I have mentioned
> make me an ideal candidate. To conclude it would be exciting to be able
> to contribute or give back to a (Linux) community that brings so much to
> the table.

Once again, welcome and drop by the #fedora-docs on Freenode sometime and
get to know the other FDP members.

John Babich
Volunteer, Fedora Docs Project

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