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Wed Jun 6 21:38:11 UTC 2007

O/H John Poelstra έγραψε:
> Is there a way to do endash (--) or emdash (---) on our wiki pages?  I
> didn't see any guidance here:
> Haven't found much on Google except to partially conclude that maybe it
> isn't possible.

The guys at Moin don't seem to believe that they should neither auto-convert
"--" and "---" to en and em dashes respectively, nor use Javascript-based
character maps:

FWIW, I tend to agree in the first argument; it's something the keyboard layout
of a user should take care of instead of the wiki syntax. Most keyboard nowadays
have dead keys (at least 2 of them) which are not being used in the en_{us,uk}
layout (in a extended greek layout the euro sign is Alt_Gr+5). And even on the
en_US extended & international layouts, there are no en and em dashes.

For a no-hacking solution, the GUI editor on the wiki has a character selection
map. Or you could type – — to get them. (eek)

I'm not sure what the effect of a bug report on the GNOME keyboard component
would be.


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