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Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Thu Jun 7 21:13:20 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-06-02 at 09:51 +0530, jose manimala wrote:
>        i am really interested in the rpm guide. i'd like to help
> maintain it. i've been using rpm and have almost used all of the
> feautres it has, i know everyone has. but since its up there on the
> list and someone is needed to maintain it i am here. So just let me
> know. i might need some guidance to get started!!

Ah, yes, the RPM Guide.  What a fantastic task to work on!  It is an
already-to-go guide in XML.  


Even if you are familiar with the pieces of CVS, XML, and DocBook, it is
worth having a look through the IRC log posted today:


You can check out the guide from CVS, it is the 'rpm-guide' module.  It
*may* need an update to match the current toolchain.  We should also
make an alias of 'rpm-guide-devel' as just the development branch.

OK, but what about a team to work on it?  There are two considerations:

1. What is going on upstream at rpm.org?  Do they want to help
contribute?  Do they want to make this a part of the actual SRPM for rpm

2. How to get started and attract a team?

I do not know the answer to the first question/consideration.  There are
some rpm.org folks here, if they can speak up; if you know who they are,
please point their attention here for this discussion.  More below ...

As for the second question/consideration, that is an easy answer:  just
get started.  Once you know where to start (in cvs.fedoraproject.org or
$VCS.rpm.org) ... 

1. Just start.  
2. Open the document files
   - start listing what needs to be changed
   - change stuff you know needs fixing
3. Commit early and often
   - use verbose commit messages explaining *why* you changed content
(since the "what was changed" is in the CVS diff).
4. Ask questions on this mailing list
5. Before you realize it, two or three other dedicated people will
materialize.  Just like that.

More about upstream/downstream for the RPM Guide ...

I'm not saying we toss the RPM Guide to rpm.org, "Here, this is your
problem now."  I'm pausing to consider where the best home for the
source document should be.  Once we have that figured out, we can
resolve the technical situation.  Remember -- Fedora is made up of
thousands of packages that come from an upstream.  Why not the same with
the content?

Anyway, it doesn't hurt to think about the connection.

- Karsten
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