Revisor's what-is and spin how-to content (was 'what is v. how to')

Karsten Wade kwade at
Thu Jun 7 22:44:50 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-06-07 at 09:33 +0100, Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> Hey,
> I don't know but I'm guessing this was prompted by the Revisor doc?

More accurately, it was prompted by your asking for input in one of the
comment logs.  I realized that, as I said, you were facing a common
dilemma, and an open, common discussion would work best.

The rest of this, then is, more about the Revisor/Spin Recipes
documentation, Subject: adjusted accordingly.

> I'll quickly add that with the Revisor doc, the unity team were
> looking for something to be included with the RPM, so I guess a more
> descriptive tone would be appropriate here?

So, we have both types that need filling -- Revisor needs some default
what-is documentation, and Fedora Docs thinks there should be a
how-to/recipe-type document.

Or am I presuming the latter?

> Perhaps a set of docs that are more how-to in nature can be created
> from the doc I've started now? I'd be happy to do them at some point.

Sure.  I think we need to specify the two different documents as
separate Docs/Draft/ namespaces.  There are already existing content
bits we may be able to pull together for recipe-type content.  The
consequent creation of a what-is/descriptive document complements

> Lol - saying that, had you not pointed it out it's something I'd
> probably never have considered (so it was certainly not an intentional
> choice for this doc!!) and I think it's something I've done elsewhere,
> so it's good to know and I hope I improve it in my writing :D

From the perspective that you have the specific goal of mainly providing
a what-is viewpoint of Revisor, I found the tone and content
informative.  I'll have to go through it again with just that in mind,
and maybe the only direct question I could have had for you was, "Is
this what-is, how-to, or strictly recipes?"

- Karsten
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