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Sat Jun 9 20:50:42 UTC 2007

Hello to all,

My name is Ohad Feiner (aka Free Hat) and I should like to begin doing some translations of the documents in to Hebrw. I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel and am starting my Computer Science degree in TAU in a few months. Right now I am working as a customer support rep for an online game.

My wish is to have the release notes and official documentation available in hebrew - thus making it easier for others to use this great distro (been using fedora [and linux in general] for almost a year now, had FC5 and recently upgraded to F7). This is for starters of course - perhaps someday more will come.

I speak Hebrew and English pefectly (spent 2 years as a kid in the US) and I have had some non-professional experience translating from english to hebrew (mainly for the hebrew wikipedia). I had also writtem several english and hebrew e-zines a few years back as a BBS-kid (yeah, those days :). My computer skills are above-average (not in the linux world), but im not a wizkid - and cannot code too well (at the moment - though i have a good grasp of some concepts within that area). I am, however, relatively good with editing and design.

I am not all that experience in Fedora or Linux yet, but I have a relatively good technical vocabulary, and hopefully this would do for translations :)

Hereś my GPG thingy (I actually never used it bfeore and have just created one):

[ziggy at kwest4 ~]$ gpg --fingerprint three_hat at
pub   1024D/78867C2F 2007-06-09
      Key fingerprint = 0EA3 018A ED01 B3C3 AFCF  0CAC 63FA E8C5 7886 7C2F
uid                  Ohad Feiner (Free Hat) <three_hat at>
sub   2048g/B589C9A0 2007-06-09

Well, i guess this is it. Cheers everyone!

Ohad (aka Free Hat)

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