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Thomas Chung tchung at
Mon Jun 11 16:59:33 UTC 2007

On 6/11/07, Karsten Wade <kwade at> wrote:
> I find myself in solo control of our two FDP mailing lists (this one and
> f-docs-commits).  My practice is to always make sure that I have another
> mail list admin listed.
> I'm wondering, could we just make the rule, "All FDSCo members are named
> admins and have the shared password for all FDP lists"?
> The downside is the continuous "post by non-member" notices one
> receives, and if they get annoying, a simple filter makes them go away.
> I also try to go in once every few weeks and clear out the pending admin
> tasks, which are always about a mass delete of held-for-approval spam.
> Thoughts?
> - Karsten

Hi Karsten,

I don't mind being admin for another mailing list. :)
I already monitor several other fedora mailing lists as shown below:
famsco-list administration
fedora-ambassadors-list administration
fedora-marketing-list administration
fedora-freemedia-list administration
fedora-websites-list administration
fedora-livecd-list administration
fedora-test-list administration
fedora-news-list administration

I set "Discard" for all non-member postings by default and forward to
admins/moderators for review later. This saves *a lot* of time for
admin tasks and catches 90% of spams.

1) Action to take for postings from non-members for which no explicit
action is defined.
(Details for generic_nonmember_action)
Accept( ) Hold( ) Reject(  ) Discard(X)

2) Should messages from non-members, which are automatically
discarded, be forwarded to the list moderator?
(Edit forward_auto_discards)
No( ) 	Yes(X)

Thomas Chung

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