GSoC - Target Practice

Jonathan Steffan jon at
Wed Jun 13 19:25:21 UTC 2007


	I am now announcing my availability to take RFEs. We will basically be
targeting Plone 3 which has a lot of the features we want to use as a
documentation platform. Please, we need to start a nice task list for me
so I can budget my time between all of the projects I have going.
Basically, I would like to as the docs team what they would like to see.
Details such as final format (i.e. DocBookXML), VCS backend (i.e. svn,
cvs, git, etc.), and *where* we can edit the documents once they hit the
documentation platform would help me get a better idea of what we are up
to. I don't want to program anything that we wont end up using. Also,
and example document workflow would be awesome. Example:

* User creates wiki object 1 on the wiki
* People edit it for a few days/weeks and then it starts to become a
usable document
* Someone with access; Admin publishes the wiki object as a draft into
the documentation platform
- What happens to the content that *was* on the wiki.. can it still be
edited? Is it read only, pulling its data from the doc platform?
- Can we edit from both locations? (oh no... /me sees lots of work
piling up)
* The document goes through it's life-cycle in the documentation
platform. This is a very flexible system as we can define a very
strict/granular workflow (states, transitions, etc) for individual
objects... primarily document content types.
* Where do we go from here? Automagic "this is all our documentation"
DocBookXML generation?

Please, understand all of this is not point and click for me to setup...
but it can be done. ;-)

Jonathan "Your personal GSoC slave" Steffan

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