How do I edit the Fedora Wiki CustomKernel page?

Sam Folk-Williams samfw at
Mon Jun 18 14:42:25 UTC 2007

Karsten Wade wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-06-08 at 17:22 -0400, Sam Folk-Williams wrote:
>> Chuck Ebbert wrote:
>>> I want to update the documentation, but I can't
>>> I'm in the EditGroup but it still says "Immutable Page".
>> This is something I still don't understand...
> It's two purposes, coming across each other.
> Purpose 1 -- Fedora needs a "formal documentation location"; FDP needs a
> way to make it easy enough to contribute that is also easy to publish to
> the formal docs location.  For the Wiki, right now, that means Docs/ is
> a formal publication location.  For reasons that are ideally somewhat
> obvious, we don't want to give every contributor equal ability to
> override formal content.  We don't do it for the kernel, we don't do it
> for Web front-pages, or parts of the infrastructure, or build system,
> etc.
> Purpose 2 -- Fedora needs a community documentation location where
> (nearly) anyone can edit, and it is recognized that the content is not
> vetted the same as the formal content is.
> Until we can separate those purposes into distinct locations (coming
> this summer to a near you), we have to have
> Purpose 1 override Purpose 2.
>> Docs folks - can this page be made generally editable?
> That all said, we could technically set an individual ACL for this
> document so the e.g. all of EditGroup can edit it.
> I guess I'm in favor of that, since I know you are watching edits and
> will fix stuff, etc.  But you have to understand it is a rather
> temporary fix, not a permanent solution.  In the near future, if you
> want the Custom Kernel to continue being a main, formal piece of content
> instead of a community documentation effort, getting changes in to
> is going to require a different yet
> essentially similar process.
> Is all that OK with you?
> BTW, you may wonder why it matters to move content from community
> documentation to formal project documentation.  Why keep two buckets?
> It's mainly a tooling issue.  To get a document translated and available
> for packaging (stand-alone for install (yum install admin-guide) or as
> part of the distro), it needs to be in XML in CVS.  Ask anyone who has
> tried to translate the Wiki ... as it changes daily ... to find out
> which system is currently working better.
> For anything where the Wiki or Plone is an editor for content directly
> in CVS[1][2][3], we'll be able to skip the other in-between.  Still,
> though, in the end, someone has to be responsible for approving/pushing
> back changes to formal content ... just like with the kernel, etc.

Thanks for the explanation Karsten. Makes good sense. I wonder if this 
page should be a community page and not a formal page? I took the 
initiative to create it, but I'm not the subject matter expert. We 
definitely need those subject matter experts (like Chuck) to be able to 
edit. If making it a community page is the best way to do that then 
perhaps we should.

Or if we could add specific people to the ACL for this page it that 
would also be good.

Chuck - do you think this page should be editable by anyone or should we 
control access somewhat?

> - Karsten
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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