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Jonathan Roberts at
Thu Jun 21 12:37:39 UTC 2007

Is this content to be added to the spins tasks? Haha, after taking a
bit of a break from docs writing I'm back and eager again - at least
for the next few days!

Also, what are we focusing on, docs wise? I've seen a few posts,
meeting logs, suggesting that we're going to team up on one doc at a
time, but which ones have priority?

Cheers all,

> Well, you're always proactively looking for ways to promote new content
> and the work that people are already doing around the project, which is
> a Good Thing.  Occasionally if we cast too wide a net, it's no crime.
> I'd like more volunteers to be aware that if they keep their eyes open,
> they can find plenty of content to work on that doesn't require amazing
> deity-like superpowers.
> Come on lurkers, help us out here!  Check out our general style
> guidelines[1] and see what you can do to fix this page[2].
> [1]
> [2]
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