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Thu May 3 01:30:02 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-05-03 at 00:21 +0100, David Fletcher wrote:

> Is this by any chance the document I started 15 months ago? The one I wrote 
> with the intention of it being included in the ISO download folders for FC5? 
> I followed the link provided above, and it's changed a lot but parts of it 
> still look vaguely familiar.

It in fact is that document, evolved to now.

> No matter, it's taking a while, but so long as it gets there in the end I'm 
> happy to have contributed and made a small difference to the good.

Not just your idea and authorship, but your perseverance in not letting
us forget it.  Um, now as to why it never made it in the last two ISO
folders, I'm just not sure.  It sure made it into the
fedora-release-notes package[1], which as Paul pointed out is pretty
much worthless.

Anyway, the new plan is great, AFAIC.

Also, I think Paul was looking for volunteers to help update the
document.  Work could be divided by OS, so if you have access to e.g.
Windows Vista or Mac OS X Leopard or such, here's something to help

- Karsten

[1] In ten languages, too:

rpm -ql fedora-release-notes | grep README-BURNING-ISOs

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