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I think this fits here better

I considered putting it here, but then I thought, "Where would someone
who is wondering about support for a sound card look:  Multimedia or
Kernel?"  Now, we who know Linux know that a sound card requires a
kernel module, etc.  But is that how an ISA sound card user is going to
think about it?  To be honest, I actually expect most folks would look
for "Is my sound card supported?" under something such as "hardware",
"sound cards", or "multimedia".

What do the rest of you think?
  Refer to http://kernel.org/pub/linux/docs/lkml/reporting-bugs.html for
information on reporting bugs in the Linux kernel.  You may also use
http://bugzilla.redhat.com for reporting bugs that are specific to
  === Preparing for Kernel Development ===
  Fedora [[GetVal(DocsDict,BeatsVer)]] does not include the
kernel-source package provided by older versions since only the
kernel-devel package is required now to build external modules.
Configured sources are available, as described in the kernel flavors
  [[Admonition("important", "Custom Kernel Building", "For information
on kernel development and working with custom kernels, refer to
+ === ISA Sound Cards ===
+ The kernel in Fedora 7 no longer loads modules by default for ISA 
+ sound cards.  Load the module by hand {{{modprobe module-name}}} or by
+ putting an entry in `/etc/modprobe.conf`.  For example, for the
+ Creative SoundBlaster AWE64:
+ {{{install snd-sbawe
+ }}}
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