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Paulo Santos paulo.banon at
Mon May 7 12:36:43 UTC 2007

Hi guys,

Just something that came to my atention when adding the top banner in the
Infrastructure wiki page...
I think that all H1 headers are different and dont follow the same lines, as
well as one page is lacking the top banner. I havent changed anything since
im not "oficially" part of the Docs team, and this can be considered like
the main pages for the FDP.
You guys also have alot more experience in this are then me, so please feel
free to correct me, i always like to learn :)

In you have:
* Top banner
* H1 - Fedora Documentation

Then on the four links (Get Docs, Draft Docs, Translate Docs, Join the Team)

Get Docs -
* no Top banner
* H1 - Fedora Project Documentation

Draft Docs -
* Top banner
* H1 - Docs/Drafts

Translate Docs -
* Top banner
* H1 - DocsProject/Translation

Join the Team -
* Top banner
* H1 - Joining the Fedora Documentation Project

Just my two cents,
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